Parma - Reggiana. The derby dell'Enza. It's probably our favourite niche local rivalry in Italian football.

Credit: Onze Mundial

The two cities of Parma and Reggia Emilia proper hate each other on game day. 2016 was the first time the teams had played each other for over two decades, with Parma being promoted to Serie C following their plunge to the bottom of the Italian league system after they re-formed in 2015.

The game took place at Reggiana's gaff, the Città del Tricolore. The Parma team bus was stoned on arrival. Parma came out on top 2-0, and Reggiana fans were keen to get their revenge on their away trip to Parma later that season. This time, they broke through a police barricade and stormed through the streets of the city before kick off.

Parma, the home of Lamborghini, is known in Italy as a city lined with wealth. This is a stark contrast to the more seedy Reggia Emilia, which holds much more of a working class identity. Reggiana fans have embraced this image on the terraces, making class a big part of this local rivalry.

Proper terrace, this one.

Parma have since got back into Serie A, so we probably won't be blessed with the return of the derby dell'Enza anytime soon. Let's hope they get drawn in the cup or something. Really stinky grated parmesan being chucked across the stands on a wet, Thursday night. Peroni everywhere. Eli Mengem in there somewhere with his hands behind his head doing Derby Days. Yeah, that would be good.

If we try and forget about the time those Reggiana lads threw bits of shrapnel at our Buffon in 96/97, this derby has the full support of all of us at Calcio.