Serie A in the 90s. Just think about it. Maradona’s doing bits in Naples and Gazza’s going mental at Lazio. Fast-forward a few years and you’ve got fat Ronaldo firing Internazionale to the Scudetto. Graeme Souness even turned up at some point. Yeah.

The kits were alright, too.

Lazio Home, 92-93

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Get it second hand off some Italian lad on Gumtree. Probably stinks of fags but who cares, it’s for Gazza. Take it down to Caffé Nero and get an espresso to go. Why not. Carluccio’s later with the parents as well. Get something with olives on it. Waiter might give you a discount, you know.  

Fiorentina Away, 92/3

Lotto is a look. Mum’s gonna hate it but it’ll go down well in spoons. Grow your hair out. Why not get the shorts, too. Tuck the shirt in like Batistuta done. Just look at the patterns, for Christ’s sake. Would never have happened at the Villa. Ron Atkinson wouldn’t have any of it.

Inter 97-98, Home

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O Fenômeno in black and blue.  Scoring worldies every weekend in his Tiempos down the San Siro. Heading in Zanetti’s crosses like nobody’s business. Had a quality  kit to do it all in too. Racing stripes, those are. Nearly took them all the way to the Scudetto. Not this time though.

Roma Home, 98-99

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Dad’s right, they don’t make them like they used to. Probably sells for like £200 on eBay but worth it. Get Il Capitano on the back. Go easy on the Captain’s armband. Too far. Don’t want to look like a prick. Reckon you could Cantona the collar at five-a-side, though. Ping the ball about from attacking mid like the eighth king of Rome. Quality.

Foggia Away, 91-2

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It’s 1991. Foggia away day and you’ve got your best white strip on. Drinking a few half-litres with the lads down the piazza before the game. This is Italy, you know. Off to the stadio to get behind The Fogg. You’re gonna finish mid-table, but who cares. You’ve got the best away strip in the league. Pure. Culture.

Napoli Home, 92-93

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Napoli 92’. Maradona’s gone, but don’t worry we’ve got our Gianfranco. Proper glossy blue this one. Bet it felt well nice on. None of that fancy Puma stuff back then. Just total Umbro, nice and baggy. Keep it on after the game. Wear it in the shower, fuck it. Enjoy a nice San Pelligrino in it later when the sun’s gone down. Arrivederci.

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